Services & Pricing

“Electronic Publishing” is a broad field covering several disciplines and has its roots in what was called phototypesetting. We’ve been involved in the electronic publishing industry since the phototypesetting days, have gone through its various evolutions and now encompass the Web and what it has to offer. Our viewpoint is, the Web is a way of typesetting for the computer screen.

Our services are centered around document composition, conversion and utilization. Once a document is composed, how many ways can it be converted and utilized?

National Press Releases
To continue the theme of electronic publishing, and as a complement to our EDGAR products, EPS now offers a national press release distribution service. Your release will go out to over 20,000 national media outlets, the leading web outlets and to all Bloomberg terminals and institutional investors: newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, web sites, online databases and relevant industry industry trade publications. Distribution methods include real-time, full-text feeds via the AP satellite network, Internet FTP and content syndicates, as well as personalized email newsletters.

We help authors of get their self-published books listed on Amazon using a service such as BookSurge. We can help format your electronic documents to meet their requirements and arrange for ISBN numbers.

Database Publishing Services
Using information from a database, we create formatted documents to our client’s specifications such as product catalogs, indexes, directories, etc. This includes online and printed documents.

Conversion Services
Adobe Acrobat PDF is now the standard for document archival. We are experts in converting documents to the PDF format and creating indexes for inhouse or external searching. EPS can also convert your documents into other formats: PDF, Word, QuarkXpress, Framemaker, HTML and XML.

Small Business and Personal Web Hosting
We provide custom web hosting packages for small business and personal use. Our feature-rich packages include site building tools, email, php/perl, mysql, blogging software, etc.

EDGAR Filing Services
EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, Retrieval) filings is our specialty. We convert electronic and paper documents into the SEC’s EDGAR standard format and file them according to the EDGAR rules. Our EDGAR filings are done in a professional-looking HTML format.

  • Conversion of electronic documents to EDGAR HTML format. Includes MS Word, Excel, ASCII (text), RTF, PDF, QuarkXpress, Indesign, etc.
  • Online Workstations – Self-service, DIY EDGAR filing solutions for Section 16 forms 3, 4 & 5; SEC Form 13F and its variants; file for extensions at the Form 12b25 Online Workstation . Coming soon: Form N-Port, Form N-CEN
  • Scan/OCR paper copy to EDGAR HTML format.
  • Prep and file all EDGAR form types.
  • XBRL detail tagging of financial tables and footnotes.
  • Writebacks: conversion of EDGAR filing back to Word, suitable for printing.

Learn more at our EDGAR Filing Agent website.