Self-publishing authors may wish to avail themselves of our services. We can help you get published on Amazon through BookSurge.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • format your electronic documents to amazon/booksurge specs;
  • help integrate graphics & artwork;
  • prepare covers;
  • generate ISBNs with or without embedded purchase price and integrate into electronic document
  • prepare final documents for printer
  • bookmarks and other promo


As a self-published author, I found I was not getting the help I needed from the company I originally hired to format and print my book. This became so painfully bad that it ended up being a good thing! What do I mean? I ended up so frustrated that my normally forgiving self went in search of a reasonably priced company to properly get my book ready for publication. Preparing the files was a particularly difficult process for reasons I won’t go into here. I asked Jim Plumb at EPS to take on the task of editing an “uneditable” pdf file, and putting my book into the required format for BookSurge, a division of Amazon. Not only did he solve all the problems and intricate (to me) BookSurge requirements, but he, with an artistic flair, improved the cover design to boot!

Subsequently, after some research, I found I could bring the cost per book down to a much more reasonable sales price and take advantage of the impact of color for the twenty original internal illustrations, by negotiating with a local printer. But, there were hurdles to overcome as the color had been incorrectly formatted by the first company I had used. Once again, EPS came to the rescue and sorted out this “impossible problem” creatively to a great result. Jim always explained my options and the technical process so I understood what was going on – invaluable. He was timely, and no matter what I came up with, he would manage to do it. I even asked him to create a book mark and table tent designs. He did, and they are beautiful.

I think I would have become so frustrated with the process, had I not found Jim with his quiet attitude of “it can be done”, that I probably would have given up on my book.

And that would have been very too bad, as I have already sold over 1,600 copies while garnering some incredible reviews and a loyal following!

You can have a great idea, a beautiful book, a true work of art, and if you can’t put your vision into print, the odds are very low on getting on the best seller list. So I recommend you call Jim!

Thank you Jim. You help make dreams come true!

J Bean Palmer, author of The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate’s Treasure