Press Release Distribution

We will format and send out your press release to over 20,000 national media outlets, the leading web outlets and to all Bloomberg terminals and institutional investors: newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, web sites, online databases and relevant industry industry trade publications. Distribution methods include real-time, full-text feeds via the AP satellite network, Internet FTP and content syndicates, as well as personalized email newsletters.

Nationwide Press Release Distribution

Disclosure Requirements: Our press release service is compliant with all SEC and Exchange disclosure requirements. Your releases will be sent to the applicable SRO for your firm.

How It Works: Once all paperwork is filled out, you send us the document you want distributed. We verify that your document converts correctly to press release format, do a spell check, and upload the file to the distribution system. Within minutes your release will be online! You will receive two electronic clipping reports (News Dashboard) via email; one within an hour and another after 48 hours. They provide you with valuable information on some of the locations where your press releases were republished as well as distribution profiles of whom the release was sent to. Additionally, the clipping reports allow you to sort, manage and email reports to your colleagues and clients.

Cost: Press release distribution through EPS is charged by the page, not by the word as most services charge. That allows you to send out more information for less. Please contact us at 508-544-1254 or email us at » to find out more.